Our Product Value Propositions

  1. Optimized AMM design to facilitate swapping of both correlated and uncorrelated assets.

    • Stable pools.

    • Variable pools.

  2. Permissionlessly create new swap pools.

  3. Vote to direct emissions to desired swap & credit pools and receive a cut of protocol fee revenue.

  4. Bribes for both swap and credit pools.

  5. Model designed for incentivizing platform fees rather than passive liquidity.

  6. Borrowing and Lending AMM.

  7. Oracleless, functions without the need for pricing oracles.

  8. MEV Opportunities - AMM model creates arbitrage opportunities both for swap pools (asset price divergence) and arbitrage for credit pools (interest and collateral imbalances).

  9. No Liquidations. Users only have to pay back outstanding debt before the maturity of lending pool.

  10. Permissionless, fixed maturity borrowing, and lending, allow any user to create a pool for borrowing or lending (ERC20).

  11. Use 3xcaliCredit for leverage in our swap:

    • E.g build leveraged short position by borrowing and then immediately selling an asset using 3xcaliSwap.

  12. Earn yield in both swap and credit pools.

  13. Vote Escrow locking of XCAL to earn platform fees.

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