Note: Voting cycles start every Thursday at 00:00 UTC and end the next Wednesday at 23:59 UTC.

Locking XCAL generates veXCAL, and how long you lock affects how much veXCAL you get in exchange.

After you lock, you receive a veNFT representing the veXCAL you've earned in exchange, as well as the time your XCAL has been locked.

See the table below for calculating the exchange rate for XCAL to veXCAL:

Locking timeveXCAL received for 1 XCAL

1 week

get 0.00479 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

2 weeks

get 0.00958 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1 month

get 0.02054 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

3 months

get 0.06164 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

6 months

get 0.12328 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

9 months

get 0.18493 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1 year

get 0.25000 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1.5 years

get 0.36986 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

2 years

get 0.50000 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

3.69 years

get 1 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

Why Lock?

When you lock and vote for a pool with your veNFT, you are rewarded with fees generated by that pool. When people swap, you earn fees as rewards. Locking also allows you to direct XCAL emissions to pools. By locking as a liquidity provider or protocol, your votes will direct emissions proportional to the amount of voting power held in locked XCAL in veNFTs.

How often will I need to lock XCAL?

That depends on your lock duration. If you lock for 1 week, you can claim your XCAL back, but you'll need to lock again if you want to continue earning fees and voting for pools.

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