Our Improvements

Vote Mechanics

In Solidly, users’ fair amount of bribes was calculated by keeping track of how much votes and since when one voted for a pool. The problem was users could vote for a pool (hence being eligible for bribes) and withdraw their votes (potentially to vote for another pool) right before an emission update, resulting in the pool not getting a fair amount of weekly emissions.

In our iteration, users have to vote once a period (1 week) and can’t reset their votes or vote for other pools before the next one.

In Solidly, users could vote for a pool even if their lock was about to end. This resulted in pools getting the votes until the next user update even if the user did not have voting power anymore, hence the pool distributing an unfair share of emissions.

In our iteration, users cannot submit votes if their lock ends in less than a week.

Rewards & Emissions

$XCAL Emissions

We fixed reward on Gauge that miscalculated the emission distribution for LPs.


We fixed the bribes/fee distribution which was previously miscalculating fair repartition for users.

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