3xcaliSwap is based on the original Solidly codebase. Solidly was built with the right intentions and demonstrated innovative mechanics. However, the team's execution, and some of the mechanics were not quite optimized at launch which ultimately lead to the project failing to reconcile the underlying innovative tech with these faults.

We firmly believe in the notion that swaps need to align emissions with fees generated, instead of liquidity, in order to promote sustainability. What they originally set out to achieve still holds merit. It has never been more important for OpFi protocols to iterate on design mechanics in reaction to a changing market and the need to find sustainable ways of attracting liquidity. In this design, protocols and other large stakeholders lock their $XCAL to gain voting power and direct emissions to the pools they vote for. We have also sought to improve several areas of the Solidly codebase which we believe were mechanical issues that hindered its success.

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