How To: Vote

To vote on 3xcalibur, users need to vote lock their XCAL. By doing so, participants can boost rewards on their provided liquidity and vote on all DAO proposals.

There is no minimum voting power required for voting.

Voting power

veXCAL stands for vote escrowed XCAL, it's a locker in NFT form where users can lock their XCAL for different time frames to gain voting power.

Users can lock their XCAL for a minimum of a week and a maximum of 3.69 years. As users with long voting escrow have more stake, they receive more voting power.

How to vote

  • Under the 3xcaliGovern page, you will find a tab called Vote.

  • When you open the Vote tab, you see your voting power, your remaining voting power and a list of all pools you are able to vote on.

  • Select a veNFT from the scroll-down menu. This veNFT is created when you lock your XCAL for a predefined time period, see our How to Lock-guide.

  • The veNFT has a certain amount of voting power that can be divided over one or more pools.

  • From the pool list select one or more pools. At the bottom of the list, you are able to set weights for each pool. Do you want to give pool X the majority of your votes, simply increase the weight percentage for that pool. Keep in mind, the total has to always add up to 100 (100%). You can either use the slide bars or put in numbers.

  • After selecting the pools and adjusted the vote weights, hit Vote and Metamask transactions will pop-up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

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