How To: Lock (vest) XCAL

In order to vote on 3xcalibur, users need to lock their XCAL. Based on the lock time chosen and the amount of tokens locked, users will receive certain voting power. The position is represented in the form of a veNFT.

Locking periods vary from one week to 3.69 years: the longer the locking period chosen is, the greater the vote multiplier will be.

Locking TimeveXCAL for 1 XCAL

1 week

get 0.00479 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

2 weeks

get 0.00958 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1 month

get 0.02054 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

3 months

get 0.06164 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

6 months

get 0.12328 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

9 months

get 0.18493 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1 year

get 0.25000 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

1.5 years

get 0.36986 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

2 years

get 0.50000 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

3.69 years

get 0.92260 veXCAL for 1 XCAL

Locking XCAL:

  • Under the 3caliGovern page, you will find a tab called Lock.

  • On this page you will be able to see your total locked XCAL and total voting power (if you have any). Additionally, you will be able to create a lock.

  • Hit Create lock. This will bring up an interface where you can choose a lock time and the amount of XCAL you want to lock. You will also be able to see what vote multiplier is applied and how much voting power you will receive.

  • After you have chosen your desired lock time and amount, hit Lock and Metamask transactions will pop-up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

Note: You will need to sign the “Allowance on XCAL sufficient” transaction only if it is your first time locking your tokens on 3xcalibur.

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