How To: Withdraw Liquidity

Withdrawing liquidity from a Swap pool:

  • Under the 3xcaliSwap page, you will find a tab called Pools.

  • When you open the Pools tab, you will find a list of various pool pairs on the platforms divided over three tabs: Top Pools, All Pools, and My Pools. The latter obviously consists of the pools you already LP’d to.

  • Go to My Pools and hit Manage of the pool you want to remove liquidity from.

  • This leads to an interface of said pool with a Deposit and Withdraw tab. In this case, navigate to the Withdraw tab.

  • Select the amount of tokens you want to remove from the pool. Note that you are able to input the amount of LP tokens you want to remove and below it will show the exact token breakdown that is returned to your wallet.

  • If you have staked your LP tokens to the gauge you have the options to Unstake or Unstake & withdraw.

  • Select the desired action and Metamask transactions will pop-up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

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