How to: Create a Bribe

NOTE: Bribing is made for protocols to incentivize pools. There is no reward for bribing, and once tokens are deposited as a bribe there is no getting them back.

By steering rewards to their own token’s 3xcalibur liquidity pools, protocols can ensure that more people will participate in those pools and fuel the growth of their tokens.

To create a Bribe:

  • Under the 3xcaliGovern page, you will find a tab called Bribe.

  • Here you can find a list of all pools with their liquidity, outstanding bribes, and APR.

  • Navigate to your desired pool and hit Manage.

  • This will bring up an interface where you are able to create bribes.

  • Select the token and token amount and hit Create bribe. Metamask transactions will pop-up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

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