3xcaliSwap Features


Swaps are routed either through variable (uncorrelated assets) or stable pools (correlated assets).


Multiswap allows traders to do a one-to-many asset swap. The order will be directly routed through different pools to mitigate the gas fee as well as the slippage.

E.g 10,000 DAI swapped for ETH, DPX and XCAL

Users can set the percentage distribution for the swap with a slider.

Liquidity Pools

Stable & Variable Pools

3xcaliSwap is composed of 2 types of pools:

A "stable pool" which allows traders to trade between correlated assets with minimum slippage e.g. USDC-DAI.

x3y+y3x=kx³y + y³x = k

A "variable pool" which allows traders to trade between volatile assets e.g. ETH-USDC

Using the standard constant product formula.


Zap & MultiZap

Zap allows traders to directly exchange a digital asset for LP tokens. It will be possible to zap among a basket of assets whitelisted by 3xcalibur making user experience smoother.

Fee Tiers

Stable Pools - 0.0369% Variable Pools - 0.27% instead of 0,01% to better align R/R for LPs and price for traders (more fees -> more liq -> less slippage -> better price for traders which might be better trade-off for price than lowering fees to 0.01%)

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