How To: Add liquidity

Steps to Add Liquidity:

  • Under the 3xcaliSwap page, you will find a tab called Pools.

  • When you open the Pools tab, you will find a list of various pool pairs on the platforms divided over three tabs: Top Pools, All Pools, and My Pools. The latter obviously consists of the pools you already LP’d to.

  • Select a pool that you want to LP to and hit Manage on the right,

  • This leads to an interface with the two tokens and a Deposit and Withdraw tab. In this case, we want to stay on the Deposit tab.

  • Select the amount of the tokens you want to LP and hit Deposit & Stake or Deposit if there is no gauge created for that pool. In the case of Deposit & Stake your LP tokens will immediately be staked in the gauge and eligible for bribes.

  • Select the desired action and Metamask transactions start to pop up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

Note: if the pool is whitelisted you are able to stake the LP tokens in the gauge to earn bribe rewards.

Note: as a liquidity provider, you are subject to Impermanent Loss.

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