How to: Increase Lock

Once you have some XCAL locked, you will be able to see your locked positions under 3xcaliGovern > Lock. There will be a list of all your locked positions and also the ability to 1) increase the lock time, 2) increase the lock amount, or 3) combine two locked positions.

To increase lock:

  • Under the 3xcaliGovern page, you will find a tab called Lock.

  • On this page you will be able to see your total locked XCAL and total voting power (if you have any). Additionally, you will see a list of all your locks or veNFTs under My locks.

  • Hit Manage on one of your locked positions/veNFTs to increase its locked amount.

  • This leads to an interface with three tabs Update Lock Time, Increase Lock, and Combine.

  • Navigate to the Increase Lock tab and input how much more XCAL you want to add to your locked position/veNFT. You will also be able to see what vote multiplier is applied and how much voting power you will receive.

  • Hit Increase Lock Amount and Metamask transactions will pop-up.

  • Sign and confirm the Metamask transactions to finalize.

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