What chain will you be on?

We will launch on Arbitrum.

What can I do on 3xcalibur?

3xcalibur is a liquidity marketplace, powered by Tri-AMM architecture to facilitate stableswaps, variable swaps and borrowing/lending.

When will you launch?

We will launch our MVP within 90 days post community round. (Likely less, this time is in place to factor in code audits)

Will you be audited?

We take security extremely seriously. We will first launch an extended gated testnet to adequately test the protocol. Then we will host a Code4rena competition as well as an audit by a security firm. When we deploy, we will have Immunefi Bounties.

What is XCAL?

XCAL is the 3xcalibur Ecosystem Token. Issued on Arbitrum as a standard ERC-20 token. XCAL serves multiple purposes such as accruing platform fees and bribes, voting on gauges and directing emissions as well as being the de-facto governance token.

Where can I learn more about vesting schedules?

You can find out more about our community round and vesting schedule here.

Who are your Advisors? You can find a list of our advisors on our landing page here.

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